Creating passion
for brands.

A brand with a passionate following is an unlimited force of Capitalism. We ignite these forces on a daily basis. Consumers rally around our marketing ideas because they have a huge, beating heart. Across mediums and through technologies, it’s as genuine as inspiration gets.



We get into it.

We don’t do anything half way. We partner with passionate companies. And then roll up our sleeves, unearth everything great about them and present it to the world in a captivating way. Electricity is created between consumer and brand. Their business is energized. And we keep at it until our clients soar.

Our Model:

Big ideas without bureaucracy - out of this simple premise, Big Bang was born. Our tested 'SWAT' team provides the core services necessary to create and manage powerful marketing communication. When more specialized development capacity is needed, we call upon the alliances in our Grid.


We work openly with our clients, keeping things simple, collaborative and smart. It’s always hands on. Everything is managed from a holistic perspective. For 15 years, we've stayed true to this model. No matter what social network, technological advancement or new medium the world throws at us.

CAPABILITIES: How can we help energize your brand?

{ powerful creative experiences, brand positioning and identity }


{ Advertising, Site Creations, Ping Ponging, Short Films, Surfboard Painting, Blueprints, Mantras, Knob Creeking, Naming, Live Spectacles, Ice Flash Mobs, Product Showcases, Business Cards, Stilts, Social Ammo, Sampling Performances, Rock Anthems, Corporate Sizzles, Branded Spaces, Web Games, Kronking, Fitness Guruing, Etc. }


When more specialization and development capacity is needed, we call upon our Grid. The Grid is an incredible collection of talent and integral, tested partnerships spanning every industry imaginable. { Interactive Development, PR/Social, Media Buying, TV/Video, Photography/Illustration, 3D Modeling, Guerrilla/Event Management, Motion Graphics/FX, E-Commerce Services, etc. }


{ We found a kite master/kite builder in West Virginia. We found a French speaking, mime enthusiast in Surrey, BC. } If our brands need something not on the Grid, we go rogue.